So before you hound me.
Wasnt too sure what forum to post this in.
But i chose this one =].
Ok so im quite a able guitarist.
Have not yet been in a serious band.
However i am looking to start soon.
The problem is i havent gigged yet and have trouble going beyond the amp.
So can someone just basically just go through "step by step" how to set up more then just the 100W amp?
Because thats all ive had to use.
When we start going into stacks, PA's etc it starts to confuse me.
I feel like such a derro.
But im relativly yound and havent gigged yet.
so got to find out some how.
Eh? Unless you own a PA, you don't need to know how to set one up.

As for stacks, well, that's just when you have the speaker for your amp separate from the head. I'm going to guess you own a 100W combo amp, so that's not something you need to know either.

What you do need is other people to play with. Find them, make a band.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
okay, first I will level with you, I'm a little drunk, and I might be imagining spelling mistakes that dont exist, but my first piece of advice would be to find people to play with. Knowing how to set up a sound system to rival the world record held by "The Who" does you no good if you're playing by yourself. The vast majority of guitar amps (as in I have yet to see one that doesn't conform to this rule) have clearly labeled input/output jacks. these jacks are generally used in conjunction with other pieces of equipment's input/output jacks to produce the desired power in your guitar playing. PA's are also pretty straight forward, and they even make it simple enough that the microphone cant plug into a plug that it isn't supposed to go into. I hope I covered everything, and just for the record I was trying to be helpful, not condescending, I just didn't feel like using too many letters.
Ok, your typical live set up (and this is a generalization) is the following.
Your guitar
Your pedals
Your amp (For clarity sake, I'm not going to talk about FX Loops, etc...)
Your amp can be a combo (pre-amp, power amp, speaker(s) all in one self-contained unit), a half stack or stack (pre and power amps in one unit called a head, while you have speakers in another enclosure called a cab. Generally, you will have 4 speakers, each measuring 12 inches across (hence, 4x12), though, again, this is a huge generalization.)

Now, for many small areas such as small clubs, gyms, basements, jam rooms, this is all you need to be heard. Once you start playing larger clubs, you will be playing through professional PA's. A PA consists of a mixing board and speakers. Obviously, you need mics for everything you feed into a PA. Most clubs will have their own mics. If you want specific information on what mixers do, go to wikipedia, because they are capable of performing many tasks.

You'll note I didn't write anything about pedals: the reason is simple. If you have to ask, you aren't ready to spend the money on them.