haha, greatest whiskey evarh! If you haven't had it I recommend you track it down and drink it up. Best think to come out of Canada ever! For the love of god it's brewed from honey and colored with caramel. I don't even know how they made it fifty percent alcohol and still fit all the delicious in. In case you haven't guessed I was drunk when I recorded this. This is my first time recording with my new pedal, which cut the amp out of the equation completely and gave me a direct input into the computer. For some reason during recording there occurred a few gaps in the sound. Those are not cuts, but just spots where the computer for some reason failed to record. I suspect outdated drivers. This song was recorded in four segments, with stops only to change sound settings. Solo is completely improvised, and considered my lumber jacked condition (because thats where yukon jack originally came from) I'd say it went pretty well. Recorded on my vendetta for some reason. Maybe because it fits easily into my lap, isn't down tuned at the moment (unlike the razorback), has both pickups (unlike mr. custom), and isn't in a couple pieces (unlike my strat, which until I finish rebuilding I wouldn't even consider recording with). Enjoy.

for a good laugh, check out the tags, they seem to tell a story.

also, everything you see above was originally the description of the song but it was too long by about a thousand characters.

Its a wee bit on the long side, but I plan on rerecording it to cut out the weird chops in the sound file. I would also like to record it sober, but I think I did pretty well, see drinking by yourself isn't all bad. the rerecording would also trim some fat off of the song.

The song is in my profile, guess which one. (hint: its the same as the thread title.)