Please I need for your help !

I would to retube my Valve King Head preamp section but where are V1 V2 & V3 tubes ?
I suppose V1 and V2 are on the front of the amp near to the input sockets ( V1 right , V2 left ) and V3 is near to the power tubes on the back of the amp.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.
You guessed correctly. Check out page 1 of The Valveking Thread Mk II and then post in there if you have further questions. If you can't find it for some reason you can find it up in the Gear Collection sticky up top.
Thanks for your reply.

How do you think about this retubing choice in order to smooth the Valve King gain ?

V1 ( first gain stage ) TUNG – SOL 12AX7
V2 ( secondary gain stage ) 5751 JAN GENERAL ELECTRIC NOS
V3( phase inverter ) 5751 JAN GENERAL ELECTRIC NOS

the 5751 is supposed to be a very good phse inverter. dont know how 2 will sound in the amp. maybe get 2 and also a mullard 12ax7. I have 2 jjs and a tung sol and its definately animprovement. but theres no way im not running 2 OD's infront of the amp. and its pretty dark sounding.
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