We are looking for a male guitarist aged 20-25 to complete the line up of our band.
Very rough demos (minus vocals) are available at our myspace (which is in the process of being developed) at:


While vocals can get aggressive, we're more into melodic and harmonious hooks - we're not a screamo band.

We currently comprise of a singer, bass player, drummer and guitar/keys player.
We're looking for a good, solid guitarist who can learn quickly, but also is looking to bring their own ideas to the table. While we've got several songs written already, going forward we want to write as a whole band.
Responsibilities will not be limited to either rhythm or lead, but a mix of both depending what fits where.
We're not, repeat not, looking for a shredder so any budding Herman Li's need not apply but you do need to be able to crack out the riffs.
Backing vocals are a plus but not essential.

Influences include Fightstar, Deftones, Saosin, Finch, Funeral for a Friend & Three Days Grace.
Our aim is to make a mix of powerful and epic songs and faster paced riffy songs to get a crowd going. We also want to incorporate the odd bit of synth here and there so an appreciate of electro music will be a plus too.

We are looking to gig later on in the year, and record an EP so you'll need to be serious, dedicated and able to meet up at least 3 times a week.
In order to keep things flexible, we also need someone that lives close in to London, so you need to live in Zone 3 or closer. North Londoners would be ideal.

If you're interested, drop an e-mail to jonathanharris247@hotmail.com


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