What's the official name for it? I've heard it being called a "V" before but don't know if that's the actual name. I'm looking to get a neck based off of the Dean CFH model I have for a future custom guitar. Does anybody know what the specs for it are or where I can find specs for it? I'm sure if I tell the guy who's building it that I want a V neck he'd look at me like a wierdo.

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It isn't a V neck but it is V profile, most necks are a C profile. Remember that V profile come sin Soft, Normal and Hard with hard being the most v shaped.
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Most necks aren't really C from what I've played, it all depends on the company. Yes, the DFH is a V neck profile. I actually just sold a DFH about 3 weeks ago.

Also, I think the DFH is a soft V.
Check the Dean forums though, you'll get whatever info you need over there if you search.
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