Poll: Which way do you lay?
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11 22%
17 33%
Face Up
3 6%
Face Down O_o
20 39%
Voters: 51.
Right/left. I flip over a lot.
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I sleep in the basement hanging from a rope sleeping upside down.

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I sleep in the recovery position.

When sleeping round at peoples houses, it often gets commented on.

It quite possibly saved them having to deal with a dead body one morning, when I'd thrown up during my sleep - if I'd slept "normally" I would quite possibly have choked on it
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i flip over alot

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Right/left. I flip over a lot.

Me too
(\o )=w==>
./ \

that way

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I will sleep left right or facedown but mostly left.
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next weeks installment, John tells us of the time he played in a band with Elvis's drummers, second cousins mother on harmonica and they invented grunge.
errr front back left and right untill i fall asleep then thats the way i wake up
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I usually lay on my back.

Fun fact: The only time I have really vivid dreams is when I sleep on my stomach. Anyone else the same, or even notice?