On my Ibanez RG321MH I've been noticing that I've gotten more marks quicker than on my previous guitar, which used basswood instead of mahogany, could this have something to do with the fact that the RG guitar has a very thin mat finish?
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mahogony is harder than basswood.
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Mahogany is FAR harder than Basswood... the natural finished Ibanez is just (IIRC) oiled, and basswood has a hard finish all the time.
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my rg321mh dents pretty easily and in some spots there are places where the black has rubbed off entirely.

but generally mahogany is harder than basswood.. its just the finish on the RG isn't very protective against nicks and dents, as opposed to a hard layer of nitro (or whatever they use these days.. might be poly.. i can never get the material right ) on most other guitars.
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Its because Ibanez put ridiculously thin coats of finish on their guitars

Mahogany is defiantly harder than basswood.

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Its because Ibanez put ridiculously thin coats of finish on their guitars

Mahogany is defiantly harder than basswood.

I've always thought they put a rather thick coating on their guitars...

It's hard for a finish to protect a guitar against dents, chips, and dings, it's only meant to protect for moisture. Wood is rather soft no matter what type it is, usually a fingernail can put a dent in it. Paint doesn't really give, it just goes ahead and cracks with most dents, it's like painted metal, although metal is extremely hard, the paint is going to flake as soon as you try to fix it.
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