I have some old (70's or so) bass stuff i need to sell quickly, preferably as one lot.
I have a:

*Road 440 solid state amp. I have been told this amp is rated at 375w rms, and it sounds like it. It has plenty of pop and is loud enough to play most venues you will see. It comes with a slip-cover that has been taped/sewed back into working order. The handle has been replaced because the old handle fell apart when the previous owner had it.
*Home-made (not by me) cabinet featuring a very desirable 15" JBL d140f speaker. This cabinet sounds very smooth and mellow. The cabinet has "easy street" stenciled on the back, the band of the previous owner.
*another home-built(once again, i didnt build it) cabinet with a baffle system. I have no idea what speaker is inside this, but it sounds great. The cabinet was built with about 300 flat-headed screws and i really havent the patience to take it apart. It sounds much better than the other cabinet for the style of music play (mostly prog-rock like Coheed and Cambria, but also works great for The Strokes and garage rock).


Im located in South-east PA, between Lancaster and Coatesville. These cant be shipped for obvious reasons, but we can arrange to meet, or i can deliver if you convince my wallet
Thanks for looking!
I would like to add that i also have an 8x10 ampeg svt cabinet that i can sell separately. All 8 speakers work, but the input jack doesnt work for me. Its an xlr input, so it might just be that my adapters dont like it, but i pulled it off and connected directly to the wiring and the speakers sound great.


Its not pretty, but it sounds great! Someone offered me $300 for it, but he just stopped responding to my emails after we were getting arrangements squared away, so any offer near that will make me happy, i just need to get some garage space back.
Willing to trade for any kind of computer stuff. Looking for a recording interface (nothing real fancy though, just for hobbyist recording), a macbook, i need a good mouse too. If you have anything you would like to trade i am open to trades+cash or anything, just ask
Crap, i forgot to add that i changed to broken jack of the 8x10 and it now has a functioning 1/4".

Woot, epic quad-post, lol.
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