A few days ago i posted about an intonation problem and have taken all these peoples advise and is now currently at a music shop being sorted out. Slight problem, it's going to be gone for almost 2 weeks so 2 weeks without a 6 string and a gig this saturday. So now i ask was it worth losing a bass for 2 weeks because of a C string that went out of tune past 12th fret?
do you play much past the 12th fret at gigs?
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do you play much past the 12th fret at gigs?

Just now and then for little fills and tapping.
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Well according to your sig you have two other basses.
Unless the sixth is important?

Yeah, the 6 was my main one. It's been a while since i played my 4 or 5 normally so its going to be weird getting used to them before saturday
Well, the 5-string should be easier to adapt to then the 4-string assuming your string spacing on your 6-string and 5-string are more similar than that of the 4-string.
Only advice i can give is play as often as you can until then on whichever bass you choose to get used to the feel of it.
Bust out the Aria, man.

And you're right, it should be back to you by now.
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my suggestion would be wait till after the gig to repair it, and find other ways to make your fills
Does it really matter if it was worth it? The situation is what it is. Play your other basses to prep for the gig.
wow. two weeks. a full bass setup never takes me more than a couple days. Including the truss rod. If it weren't for the truss rod it would only be a couple hours.
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I doubt that ANYONE would be able to tell the difference when you play live. Folks don't even notice a half-step error in tuning...

its all back and stuff now, i know not many people could hear it live, but i noticed it and it kept on bugging me when doing runs high on the neck.