hi guys. i've been playing for 2 years now, give or take. i got the basics down like open and bar chords, hammer ons/pull offs, a few scales, alternate picking... but my question is, what would be most beneficial to practice now? scales, sweep picking, soloing etc? i know some theory but i don't apply it to guitar, and learn all my music from tabs.

any advice on where to go from here would help. btw i play mostly classic rock, some newer punk rock and country.

thanks, Jay
maybe start trying to improve your ear?
try learning some easy songs by ear
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Its fun

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i agree..train your ear. theme songs was the easyest for me..

applying theory to guitar is good too u need to do both but both take time..i think learning by ear would help you to play what you feel and hear in your head..so i agree more with FNAFJ and in2thesun88
Learn to improvise, otherwise your scale knowledge is meaningless.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Quote by AlanHB
Learn to improvise, otherwise your scale knowledge is meaningless.

Ya that... if you've no one to jam with, get some jam CD's etc so you develope your style.

I also noticed you didn't mention any kind of finger style. Always a good addition to your arsenal.
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hmm... i hadn't really thought of finger style. years ago i played banjo for a while, so finger style on guitar might not be too hard of a switch.
as for improvising, how exactly do u learn that? just trying different things, seeing what sounds good, and trying to end on the root of the chord in a phrase?
it's hard to make myself learn something by ear when i know i can learn it in a tab in a lot less time, but yeah i should work on that

thanks guys
the reason u learn by ear is because it helps your to play what you hear in your head..i feel it helps with everything improvising also..most famous guitarist dont use tabs..and before i started learning songs by ear my leads sounded horrible...

its live and learn...if u learn by ear..u can really play what you feel and play what sounds great..i think the key to being a good musican is having a good ear..and u must develop that...so i disagree with anyone that disagrees with this..alot of guitarist will tell you the same thing..