Hey everybody,
So I put an ad up on craigslist looking to see if any bands in my local area were looking for a guitarist, and I got an email from a guy asking me to teach his son to play electric guitar and he'll pay me $25 cash for 30-60 minute sessions once a week. He lives only about 5 blocks from me, and his son seams really anxious to learn, so I figured I'd go ahead and do it. After all, the $25 a week will cover what I pay for lessons from my teacher anyways, so I'm saving some cash myself.

Anyways, this kid is 15 years old (I'm 18) and dosn't really know anything. I was asked if I could teach him an easy song, or even just a few chords at first to keep him motivated. I was wondering what else I should show him. His father said he'll have me do it for a month and see how things work out within that month. I figured I'd show him some chords and scales to start off with and see what level he's at with his playing. I'd also like to show him some basic theory as well, so he can get an idea of how things work. From the info I've gathered so far, his father baught him an electric guitar, acoustic and a drum set and he was never motivated with any of them because he dosn't even know how to begin. We're starting on electric guitar during the first session, but he may want to do acoustic every once and a while as well. (I explained that I know little about drums, and the most I could do is show him certain things that I know.)

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated.
^ yeah, Teach him some chord progressions for some easy songs after you taught him some basic chords. Don't go fast into scales and theory stuff, seems like his father needs his son to play some tunes. For the first month teach him some cool songs and after u got the job permanently then go to techniques and theory.
Would showing him chords, and changing chords be a good idea? Not only showing him songs, but showing him how to come up with some of his own stuff. This way he'll be able to play other tunes but also keep motivated by coming up with a little bit of his own material?
I would say definitely chords, but make sure the easy songs you teach him are from bands or a genre that he likes. I certainly wouldn't want to learn the chords to Greensleeves as a beginner even if they were easy, because I don't particularly enjoy that style of music. Some Green Day always seems to work for the beginners, as well as Guitar Hero songs.

Edit: That's a good idea too, just show him basic chords in G so they all sound good together.
Don't know if its any help but my teacher started me off on 12 bar blues using power chords - means you can actually play something from day one. Then moved on to open chords, pentatonic scale and simple songs and stuff.

Basically, make sure he can play something fun after the first lesson, to keep him going for the week, and balance any technical stuff you give him with learning songs so he can just play sometimes instead of just practicing techniques.
just ask the kid for his favorite bands and then look some tabs after and learn them yourself and than teach him.

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That's what I was thinking of doing. I asked his father what he listened too but I didn't get much info. He just told me that he likes rock music, but alot of times people call metal, hardcore ect. rock for some reason. That's deffinatly something I'm going to have to ask him about. I know that he likes songs off of Rockband, so maybe I could ask for his favorite bands and possibly find easy songs by those bands. I already plan on showing him a couple of chords so he can put them together. It'd be cool if he listens and wants to play the same stuff I do, because I could just show him a bunch of riffs to keep him busy until I get more work together for him, but I dought that he listens to the same stuff.

I'm open to any suggestions. I'm mainly looking for what I should go over with him during the first lesson. Thanks to all of those who have helped already.