Been on this site for a while now but never bothered registering or posting... so here it goes, my first post.

Although there is allot of very useful information regarding Musical Theory on this website, I was wondering does anybody happen to know a good Book which i could possible buy or get from the library which could teach me the theory behind the guitar.

I'm sick of playing scales and not knowing what to do with them
Sick of playing chords but not knowing how to make a really good progression etc etc you get the point

I basically want a book that can get me the real basic knowledge of theory so i can move onto bigger and better things.

Thanks in advance for your help

i got the complete idiot's guide to music theory, it covers a lot of theory and starts with the basic stuff

it's focused on piano though, you will need to sight read music notation (that's explained too in the book)
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Have a read of Josh Urban's Crusade articles in the columns section.
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