For Spring Break I'm headed out to stay in West LA and I've been stuck here at college with my acoustic and dying to get some real guitar action going. I've got a Hamer Slammer back home and an old GG-20 Gorilla (now Pignose) SS amp... yeah... kinda dated.

I'm pretty sure I remember there being a Guitar Center right in that area off the top of my head, but I was just wondering in terms of places to check out what spots you guys could reccommend? In terms of gear specifics, I'm interested in Fender, Gibson, and Ibanez (so original), and I'm currently drooling over Peavey amps. I'm not limited to this stuff though, so any boutiques or whatever would be awesome too, thanks in advance!
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peaveys are sweet..even the small ones are loud
either way its bad - i dont know animals
Well depends on your style.
And depends on your budget.

Peavey amp=Valve King or something....it's around $500.
Fender: Get a MIM Fat Strat
Gibson: A LP or SG
Ibanez: I hate them!
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Well I just listed my gear interests because I don't know what's out in West LA in terms of places to check out (besides the obvious Guitar Center) so I'm looking more generally for guitar shops and whatnot. But thanks
Into the flood again...