I've been looking for a new combo amp, and the guitarist in my band recommended that I check out Peavey. I did some research on them and these two really stuck out to me. They're both within my budget and have pretty cool features.

My bands plays hard/alternative rock and my main guitar at the moment is a Epiphone Les Paul Custom, but I also use a Fender Jaguar and Fender Mustang. I plan to try both amps out when I can, but I'd like to collect some opinions on them before I do. What do you guys think would be better?
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Valveking all the way. Unless of course you like gimicky built-in effects.
Valveking is a legitimate tube amp, which (usually) means better tone and more volume. The Vypyr, while a solid practice amp, does not seem like it would gig well (like most solid state amps). From personal experience, I would say that the VK is a better choice for you.
valveking enough said
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The Valveking needs a speaker swap, OD and EQ pedal to sound GREAT, IMO - not just good.

Never tried a Vypyr, so no comment there, although hcsn2008 on UG owns the Tube 60 and claims that it sounds godly. Maybe PM him.
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vypyr tube
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Go with a peavey classic 30 man, great sound and everything
I looked up the Classic 30 and it seems cool. Would it be loud enough to gig with?
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yes it would definatly be loud enough... i have it on like 1 in my house with my guitar at like 4 for volume and it is really loud
Classic 30 slightly > VK with speaker swap
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