anyone have/used one and how does it sound thru a solid state amp,
I got a solid state marshall half stack, but i dont get enough distortion
would a blackstar ht pedal do me good, and which one
I have a blackstar HT Dist, and it actually sounded quite good through a solid state (roland cube). To be honest, they're bloody expensive, and you could probably get a cheaper one to sound just as good. Although they're godly through a tube amp...
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dont bother getting this if its through a solid state because its sh*t the noob that served me when i first tried mine put me through a crappy solid state till i said i wanted it through a tube.

i reccomend the Distx if you got a tube amp.....because they are Sweet
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Another MG, eh.

Well, I've heard enough. Get a nice, new tube amp (or used tube amp) and then buy the distortion. You'll be much happier.

Your loss if you don't heed this advice.
trust me i want a tube amp, but theres a lot more **** i need before a tube amp not related to guitar, so u think this would be able to hold me over, or is there something better and cheaper that i can use to get more of a tube like sound