I play a great range of music and I was just wondering how to EQ your amp to give certain sounds!

I always remember reading a post on some forum, that said "For the main riff, you need a high treble overdrive" and I was just wondering... How can you work out how much treble, middle or bass to stick on an amp to get the right sound?

I use a Boss ME-50 into a Cube 30X, so I've got quite alot of distortion options, but I was wondering if anybody could give me tips to recognise if a song had high treble, middle or bass.

On a side note, for the song Muscle Museum, by Muse... What kind of distortion is it on the bit just before the chorus (One minute in on this vid ) for the high notes.

I think matt bellamy used to use a marshall DSL 100 in the showbiz days, that is just a bog standard distortion sound though. The intro riff uses sweep echo and some sort of octave by the sounds of it.
To answer your main question, you kinda have to just know, fiddle around with your amp and see how different settings effect your sound. For example. you should be able to tell that dimebag darrells tone has very few mids and quite a lot of treble or bass depending on the song
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Hmm, but how can you work this out though?

I know treble controls the high end, bass the low.. and obviously the middle... But how would you be able to tell this just by listening to music?

Also, what are the typical settings for each genre of music? I'd say classic rock has quite high bass and mids, with medium treble and such... If that makes sense?
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