hi guys my guitar teacher is selling a electric guitar, i have never heard of the make before it says vesper on the headstock and is a super strat shape, it has 2 emg humbuckers and a trans black finish with white binding and a black floyd rose the inlays are a bit odd they are shark tooth inlays up to the 7th fret then the 9th and 12th are dots then there are shark tooth inlays starting from the bottom from then on he says he bought it about 10 years ago and it was used then he is selling it for £70 do you think i should go for it and is there any info you can give me many thanks.
If it has EMG's in it and its £70 go for it.
Make sure the guitar works and the EMG's are active though.

Even if the guitar is a crapper you could sell it for parts.

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the only vesper guitars i know of are custom acosutics. i have head of Vista guiatrs that sound similar to what you are describing. the pic ups alone should be worth the price he is asking . the important thing is you like the looks ,feel and sound of the guitar .
I've heard of Vester guitars from the 80's that sound similar to that. Similar to Kramers ie good hardware on a plywood body. If there are real EMGs on it I'd do as Chrisiphone says and gut it for parts
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