Are the mosts confusing thing I've so far encountered with my acoustic playing experience. Maybe it's just me complicating a rather simple matter, but I think it's time for me to get some help
How do I figure out a strum pattern on a tab that doesn't have one posted?
If you think you can help me, great. If you can't, that's completely fine too. And, if you find my confusion on the matter entirely unfounded, let me know =]

Thanks guys!!
I'm not sure about others, but I pretty much ignore when someone tells me a strum pattern.

Try singing along.. ... in your head if your voice sucks, .. .there's a natural pattern that happens with strum guitar and a vocal line. If you get the correct rhythm to the "poetry", the your strumming arm just follows suit....

DUUDUDDU ...... ?? I'm also pretty sure that my strum songs I've played thousands of times and never the same way twice.... not that anyone would know.

I'll be curious to hear how others deal with this though. It's an interesting question.
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Usually I just listen to the song and either try to strum it as close to the song as I can manage to, doesn't have to be perfect, as long as it feels the same. Or I just strum it or sometimes fingerpick it any way i like. Try out different strumming patterns, as long as you are strumming in time, it will sound fine, though the feel might be kinda different.
I agree with most of what is written above except that some songs require a specific pattern to sound right. A couple of suggestions from friends that have helped me. Learn a number of standard strum patters (DDUUDU etc) including some in 3/4 time and importantly patterns including triplets etc (1e& "quadlets"(?) 1e&a. Learn how these sound so you can recognise them. Also learn the sound that playing all the strings makes as opposed to just playing the bass strings or treble strings. I hear these as dah, dum and dee. So if I hear a song and sing the rhythm and it is dum, dah, dee dee dah I know it is D(on bass strings only) down up up down.

If there are multiple guitars and you are arranging for solo guitar, listen to the bass line for a strong clear rhythm and start singing it in your head.

Finally most rhythm follow a pattern. Often 1 bar repeated or 1 bar folowed by a variation on the second and then back to the start again, if that makes sense.

Finally dynamics can play a part in how it sounds. Normally the verse is strummed softer (not as loud)than the chorus. This variation can be important if yoiu are using the one strum the whole way through.

Hope this helps
what i do is just mainly listen for the chord changes in the song i'm listening to. i would then strum once at that moment throughout the song. Just as long as you strum right when the chords change, in my opinion, anything else would be a filler pattern. it's worked out pretty well for me. i think thats why for most people who play by feel never really play the same song the exact same way.

good question though, i've been pondering this for awhile my self but just kind of freestyle my strums.