I have been looking at getting either a Phaser or a Flanger but can not make my mind up.

To be honest, despite looking at demo's on Youtube I can not see a huge difference between the two effects.

Am I missing something big here?

Thanks in advance.
The difference in sound is subtle. The difference mostly has to do with how they operate. A flanger is a particular type of phasing. With phasing you usually get a series of highs and lows in the signal, so that's why you'll see some phasers with only a rate control. With flanging, and some phasers, there's also a depth and resonance control, and the method used creates more of a harmonic sound, usually described as similar to a jet plane (on high settings mostly). Personally, I prefer a flanger, but I'd recommend actually trying some at a store if you can. In person the you can more easily tell which you'd prefer.
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I have an MXR phase 90 and a Digitech turbo flange, people here say that the turbo flange is an awful pedal and sucks, but I like it and i had it for half the original price.
I find my phaser to be much more of a sweeping, it is very subtle. It doesn't add much color to the sound, either. The flanger is kind of similar but adds a lot of color to the sound, it actually changes it.

I guess it's so different because my phaser isn't set very fast and my flanger is, but it does make a hell of a difference.
Phaser is more of a sweeping wah effect (bridge in Mean Street by VH, or any part of Eruption), while flange sounds like "an airplane taking off" is pretty much how I describe it to people (Unchained by VH).
Phaser switches the phase of your tone or somthing, the flanger is the effect created from like slowing down a tape, its basically the same as chorus but slower or somthing ... Phaser sounds cool somtimes, and i tend to find flange some times annoying and can be high pitched and terrible sounding.
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