I wanna start, I love Blues, (think SRV) Blues rock (strat - ish stuff) rock, and metal all equally, but I don't know hwich guitar to get...

I am stuck between a vintage v6 strat and an ibanez grg121ex... I can't choose.... If I choose the strat I would play up to rock, But couldnt play metal (well I could, seeing as kirk hammett used a sss strat in the video of one). I think aesthetically the strat uis better looking (strat is the vintage and the ibanez is like a superstrat). Which should I get? the strat is sss, and the ibanez is t2 heavy looking Humbuckers..
Get the Strat and toss a humbucker in the bridge position. That's what I did.
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you could get a strat and put a higher output single coil in one of the positions (bridge most likely) for your metal stuff. or you could get a HSS strat, so it has a bucker in the bridge for your metal stuff. with the ibanez you could put a PAF style bucker in the neck, with the high output pickup staying in the bridge. that would give you the neck pickup that would work for blusey stuff, as well as rock, then the bridge for rock and metal.
a les paul can solve that problem and get you both ends of what you want. the tone for blues and the nice adjustable action for the quisck shredding. but otheriwse just get the strat and do the puckup thing like that other guy said
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