Hey, I don't know if you recall, but I made a thread a week or so ago about the input jack slot thing falling back into the body of the guitar. I finally bothered to open it up and take it off, and just like someones warning ( I apologise. I can't remember the name, just the words Pokè Girl ) the red and black wires attatched to it have came off.

So.. Is it possible for me to fix it tonight? With nothing but my hands?

Or do I have to take it in to a guitar shop and get it repaired?

Cheers in advance

BTW: I don't know where the two washers came from in the picture. I think they were inside the guitar
A soldering iron and a pair of scissors should do the trick.
...and maybe a google search.
You can MacGuyver rig it for a couple gigs or practices, but it'll only last that long. What I did for a gig was to take garbage bag ties and strip the rubber/plastic off the wire, then bind the ends of the stripped wires to the pots with that, as the metal wire there conduces the signal.

But like I said it's only a very temporary fix at best. A soldering gun and some solderwire are needed to make more permanent repairs.
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You have to solder the leads back onto the input jack. Very simple if you have a soldering iron. Make sure you solder the ground to the ground lead (The wire probably soldered to the back of one of the pots) to the ground tab and the hot lead to the hot tab.

Or if this is to complicated bring it in and tell them you need your input jack resoldered. Although this would probably cost more then if you went to radio chack and bought a $15 soldering iron.
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