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1 4%
Como Locos (traduced to the english means like crazy)
10 42%
Bonus Track
2 8%
Slemn, 134db or no crime (the ones from the last poll)
11 46%
Voters: 24.
okay, so recently you saw my thread about the stupid drummer who wanted to name the band slemn (semen) and i explained him that slemn, mightv won the poll, but it is lame, gay and nasty, so we decided to make a new list (the only name that remains is replay)

So this tiime im not telling which is my favourite or least favourite (i like them all by the way)

So vote... (PD we need this name befor the 27th of March)

EDIT: We came up with the name Como Locos (like crazy) because we need to practice a lot befor the 27th of March (becuase we have a new bassist and he needs to learn everything, including a new song and a new cover) so i said ''We need to practice lik crazy'' (tenemos que practicar como locos) and then the lead singer said, ''oh lets name it como locos'' I also think its catchy (in the spanish version, como locos)
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EDITklok: Forget Slemen, just name it Semen.
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edit: well now I look like a right willy, don't I? SIEMN anyway.
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They are all pretty terrible to be honest.
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Name it I Cum Blood

EDIT: DAMMIT KWONNIE!! beat me to it
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I'm a fan of Como Loco. Just sounds good.
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