hello everyone
i would like to know who posts the file tabs in the search songs or bands section plz
if its the admin or whoever it is, .. i wanna ask this..
i want the song "remember tomorrow" METALLICA cover on guitar pro 4 or 3 tab
plz i want the 2nd solo played by Kirk Hammett in it, can it be done plz?
i found a normal tab in the browse section but im not good with getting it done..
so plz do a guitar pro 3 tab or guitar pro 4 tab of that song including the 2nd solo
plz i really need that song with this solo on guitar pro 4 or 3, .. well i need the 2nd solo part that Kirk plays, the rest its ok,.. just the 2nd solo is my main thing, that solo is at 3:50 of the song
i have guitar pro 4, version 4.0.8
so plz let me know something
thank you

(i posted that topic in other forums, but since its a wrong forum i came here to the tab talk)