Hello, I'm just starting out recording my music, but all I have is a video camera. I do not have any other ways to record things. Could any of you watch/listen to my videos for me and give me your perspective on it, since all of you are musicians?


P.S.- The Galactic Overview song I have done is absolute CRAP in my opinion and I'm sure others will agree.
I listened to two of the songs. The compositions need some ironing out and the timing was iffy in places. The biggest thing is that the songs (or at least the two I heard) were in real need of a backing band to flesh them out.
Yeah, alot of it was just a first recording. Thanks for your input. I really just wanted to get some "rough drafts" of them up.
It reminds me of the music I used to write. As in there's places where it feels contrived and only there to break the repetition, as in The Escape From... Im confused on what would be a chorus or verse and what not. That could be the fact that it's limited to one insturment. Do yourself a favor and buy a 100 dollar interface and download audacity (if you have a pc) bassbones said "flesh them out" Other than that your playing is fine. Since it reminds me of my old music you might want to try the new music in my sig as I'm looking for feedback also.
Alright thanks. I was looking into buying something this year and then my cousin has the Adobe recording software that he was gonna give me.