Okay so a friend of mine is kind of a dragonforce fan (poor chap) And has the mindset that Herman Li is faster than Rusty Cooley. Now I disagree. I think That as far as pure speed goes, Rusty wins, But friend says Herman Li is faster. I remember a guitar world issue that a notes per second chart and had a bunch of players (that I know included Rusty...) and showed their n.p.s. stuff. So out of pure notes per second, Who Is Faster?
lul Herman Ri is fastaaaaa lul

Stupid Question much?
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You sir, are a genius.

I salute you.

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The bestowing of this thread on my life is yours. Thank you, Benjabenja.
No versus threads.


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herman li is rape
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cooley by a million miles...

...and that's saying something
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Why do you even have to ask?

This thread sucks.

Hey I'm just answering his question, I think Rusty is faster.
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i hope your joking although both are melodically challenged and are boring as **** to listen to Rusty is blatently superior.

He asked me. I know the're both boring but he always praises Herman Li as the fastest guitar player so I just though It would shut him up lol.
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The crapticity of this thread rivals that of the influential guitarists of Metal thread where our only options were Becker and Malmsteen.

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