I'm going on for the 14th one at Brixton, for that it's 7 to 11 I think
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...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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well i need to get a train back to chester but theres one at 00:25 but the idae of hanging round manchester then scares me (im a country boy lol)

EDIT : Im also only going to see LOG , personally Dimmu Borgir are shockingly bad
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Hmm well if there is a train that late it ain't so bad. I'm from bolton/wigan area and the train to were i live is pretty early

Witch train station you goin to? Because if you stick to crowded places were there is authorities around, like at a train station, as boring as it may be you will be safe
I'm seeing Lamb of God and a few others this summer. I'm pretty pissed that I missed Summer Slaughter Tour '07 still. I had tickets, but couldn't make it... BEST ****ING LINE-UP EVER
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Once I got out of a pool and it was like 1cm.

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I was going to go, but i couldn't get to any of em.
Instead i'm now going to see Children of Bodom and Cannible corspe.