Hey guys, bad news. I was cleaning my plexi the other day and i pulled the cover off one of the preamp tubes because i just wanted to look at it. When I put it back on i heard a click but didnt think anything of if. When I went to play it the next time I turned it on and came out nothing and i didnt know what was going on. So I looked at the tubes and it seems when I put it back on the spring wasnt centered and snapped the nipple(not sure what its called) off the tube itself. (I know, i'm dumb). So I went to my local shop to get one and the only replacement they had for a ecc83 was one of these groove tubes http://www.guitarcenter.com/Groove-Tube-Gold-Series-GT-ECC83-S-Preamp-Tube-100146027-i1125610.gc . i went home and put it in, and turn it on again. nothing. had power but no output. Do you guys have any thoughts?
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Might be a blown fuse, if you're unlucky the output transformer has blown. So check the fuse first, then grab your wallet if it is the latter.
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