hey my friend just dropped his washburn now theres like a small little crack in the neck, its not serious but he says it feels annoying to play, just wonderring if theres any kind of sealent or something which could smooth it over. oh sorry if this is the wrong forum
I saw the title really quickly and thought it said "Selling Crack"

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Billy mays would recommend Mighty Putty, but i don't know about that. it might work, but as i have no experience in that, i am not to certain. also, i thought this thread was titled "selling crack", which i why i originally came to it. hope this kinda helps
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It's a shame there haven't been any productive posts here. Depending on the size of the crack, you may just be able to sand it flush (and refinish if needed). Otherwise, You'll need to glue. Just use Titebond.

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I saw the title really quickly and thought it said "Selling Crack"

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Quote by pontino
I saw the title really quickly and thought it said "Selling Crack"

i thought stealing crack :>
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Pics? Seriously.
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Where is the crack exactly? Pics? Are you sure its not just in the finish?

If its in the finish then wood filler is a bad idea, if its a nitro finish you can just add more finish and it will melt into the crack and you can sand level.

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I saw the title really quickly and thought it said "Selling Crack"

Me too
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