Ok guys, I have my own project, its a one man "band" Because of this, I do not play live. What would be some really helpful promoting techniques to help, since the internet is pretty much my only and best option. I really don't need sites, but more like ideas.

Put a link in your sig like I did. Also, annoy people with it like... PLEASE CLICK THE LINK IN MY SIGNATURE SIR. Have a facebook? Put links from your artist site all over your facebook page and you can also "create a page" for yourself and advertize music links there. Do you exchange mix cd's with people? Insert orriginal songs on those cd's. Or just make cd's and hand them out. Make tshirts. My friends made 40 tshirts for my joke www.myspace.com/fetuscannon band in an hour.
you can try tunecore.com they let you upload your songs and put them on itunes and amozon sites like that.+ you also get profit for it