I'm currently using a Metal Muff on the clean channel of my Cube 30x but I'm not sure of how to set it up if I get another pedal? Right now I'm using 2 cables: 1 from the guitar to pedal's input and the other from pedal to amp input. If I want to use another pedal at the same time, would I just use 1 more cable so it would be like this: Guitar-->Pedal #1-->Pedal #2-->Amp? Would something like this be useful?
Also, my amp doesnt have an EFX loop if that matters.
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Guitar-->Pedal #1-->Pedal #2-->Amp?

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guitar>pedals>amp is the correct way (and the only way) if you dont have a FX loop.......

the power supply is useful if you use 3 or more pedals

and this cable is what you need
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