I remember a PDF I read a while back that the guy used an alligator clip clipped on the saddle and then a wire "ring" connecting to his finger that he used to cancel the hum. Has anyone tried this and could give me a explanation on how (certain type of wire etc) to do it? I can't find the PDF anymore
It helps, but shielding works better. It's basically like you're touching your strings the whole time. If touching your strings gets rid of the hum for you then one of those things will work. If touching the strings doesn't do squat for you the little wire won't do squat.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I'm sort of dealing with the same problem except I have no hum. Each time I take my hands off the strings then put them back on, there's this popping sound. Sometimes it's louder when I come back on two strings at the same time.

It's louder with my Strat that has regular pick-ups versus the one which has EMG single coils. Even with the EMG's though, it's still there a little bit.

So, should I put more shielding in my guitar or use this alligator clip deal?