I mainly play: metal (maximum metal I play is metallica and iron maiden), rock (such as red hot chili peppers and pearl jam), punk/ska (green day, sublime), and some blues.

I'll be playing through a Roland Cube 30

I've been thinking of buying an Epiphone Les Paul .. is it a good choice and if not, what are some others ?

Thanks in advance
You'd ideally want something different for the peppers/perl jam. I'd consider a Strat - a Fender Standard HSS would work well for your needs and costs about as much as the Epi. How much are you willing to spend by the way?

Consider other HSS or HSH guitars, like an Ibanez SA, too.
Until 500€ , I don't know how much that is in dollars..
I'd agree. You'd want something SSH, but if you want something decent sounding, look at the Schecter Omen series. They have coil tapping so you can split your humbuckers into single coils
For that kind of money, you could get a Yamaha Pacifica 612V. They were discontinued this year, but there are still plenty in stores and on ebay. It's a strat with a maple veneer on the body, HSS pups (the Humbucker is a Duncan JB) and locking tuners. Pretty much all you can ask for for 500 bucks.

Otherwise I'd go for an Ibanez SA260. It is a bit cheaper, but it is good except for the pups. But with the money you'd save, you could replace a pup or two:

If you get this one, you'll have enough money left to get new pups for the bridge and neck positions. The middle position can be neglected at first, you probably won't use it as often as the other positions for what you play.

Yet another alternative: Fender Strat. Well, it's a Strat, I guess you know what it does.

Slightly over budget, but these are thomann-prices. You might very well get it for a little cheaper in a store in portugal.