Greetings UG.

So I recently acquired a work experience position at my local music store (Music Centre Canada if you must know) and i know I'm not the most knowledgable about amps and tubes and guitars as others but I have my times.

I also know that about every 10 minutes there is a thread like this in the pit asking for help with knowledge and such, but I would really appreciate some advice!

What I'm looking for is a good place to start with learning all about gear and guitars so I don't end up looking like a complete failure or "newb" when people ask me for advice or tips or whatever.

Any helpful tips are appreciated, and any funny jokes or lame 'witty' remarks are also welcome .

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Just advertise cowbells the whole time and you'll be fine. Once you show somebody a cowbell, they'll never go back to guitar.
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Oh wow this is a guitar forum!
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i would suggest finding out what brands your store sells and then doing some research online. Musiciansfriend should work well enough, just get kind of familiar with your merchandise, and then begin to look into models made by other companies.

I would at least know which amps are tube and which ones are solid state. What type of effects they have if any.
Be able to recognize the models that you sell.

I'm sure that anything that you absolutely have to know you can look up.
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Just know how to whammy without a whammy bar and you're ****in' aces

all you do is bend a natural harmonic for going up, and do a natural harmonic and detune your guitar for going down. easy.
read up in the electric guitar or guitar gear and accessories forums on this website and i would also reccommend the forums on guitargeek.com. you will will learn quite a bit.