Hey all,

I'm seriously considering buying one of these beautiful instruments this summer when I don't have tuition to worry about, and wanted to ask for firsthand experiences that anyone's had with these guitars. (Precursor -- I haven't tried either yet, as none of the stores near me have an SS in stock, so I will be traveling later to get a feel for 'em in person. I have, however, played a PRS and loved the way everything felt -- so don't go flaming me for not having played one in person...)

I found a retailer online that's willing to do the Standard Satin (in Vintage Mahogany) for around 1400. Is it fairly similar in tone to the Customs? I know that the maple top makes the sound brighter, but aside from the aesthetic appeal and slightly brighter edge, is there really much of a difference between the two? If I were to go for the Custom, I'd try to find it at a similar retailer (i.e. one that could dip below PRS's standard prices that GC would offer), and I guess I'd like to know about how much I should be prepared to spend, based on your experiences...

And as far as the overall appeal goes, does anyone have both a 22 and 24 fret PRS and could tell me how different the pups are? I know that Opeth predominately uses the 24's with the HFS and Vintage Bass and I dig that tone, but I'm curious as to the comparison between that set and the Dragon II's...

At any rate, I'd appreciate any insight you guys can give me...

Im tryin to save up for a Mira. 24 frets, locking tuners, twin humbuckers, with a coil-split to get SC sounds. But IMO any and all PRS guitars are good. You cant go wrong. Even my little SE custom is amazing, plays like a dream, and my only beef is tuning, but from a 600$ guitar what do you expect?
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