so, i am going to buy new pickups for my '02 sg special
specifically seymour duncan sh-1 ('59 model) for the neck and sh-4 for the bridge.
on measuring the pole spacing on both pickups to decide if i needed humbuckers or trembuckers, i realised that the current 490T stock bridge pickup has a weird pole spacing of about 52mm, not 49mm like the neck one or 53.6mm as a (standard?) trem/f-spaced pickup.
on further reading, other people are having this issue, and was wondering if anyone could clarify why it arose as of late 1980s?!?
also, should i get the humbucker(49mm) or trembucker (53.6mm) version of the sh-4?
will it cover the strings appropriately and generate an appropriate magnetic field for the breadth of my strings?

by TOM dyou mean Tune-O-Matic?
cos i think my sg special came with one of those.
it looks like this

wiki link

but i have tried to adjust the saddle in order to make the strings sit over the poles, but it can't be done!
They really don't have to be perfectly over the pole pieces. I had a regular spaced Seymour Duncan in my Epiphone Explorer (it needs a trembucker) for a little while and it sounded fine. It looked a little funny cause the strings and poles didn't line up though. For your Gibson a regular spaced humbucker should be close enough for it to sound good and look good too. And yes I meant Tune-O-Matic I was just too lazy to type it.
TOM= Tune O Matic, it's just much faster to type.

Anyway... Yeah, I'd get a normal one. I'm buying some SD's soon so I did some research and Epi's DO need the wider spaced pickup.
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