It's kind of an older song but I wanted to see what you thought about it. Give any kind of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, no insults.
Well, I have only three complaints:
1) This song is very f***ing long.
2) This song is very f***ing unrealistic
3) I'm not fond of the ending.

Ok, so first, the length isn't that big of a problem, I'm sure with vocals no one could get bored with this. So it's fine.

Second, I really did like this song, but it is very unrealistic, If you can play all that with five fingers then you are the Guitar God. It's a cool song, just not very practical. Sorry,I don't have any tips on how to change that, though, this song melted my face pretty good and I'm pretty incapacitated right now.

Third, the ending. I didn't like just ending on that powerchord. I don't know, maybe you could go back to the intro or something, to tie it in. I'm not exactly sure what should go there, I just think what you did was not it. The ending isn't really bad, I'm just not too fond of it.

To wrap things up, I think this was an insanely awsome song and I actually didn't mind all the key changes. Also, I applaud you on the strange time signatures. I love it, I can never really write anything in anything other than 4/4 and 3/4 for some reason, but I love how you did this.

Overall I'd maybe give you a 9/10 only for the unrealisticness and the ending. Pretty good.

Also if you wouldn't mind to crit one of my songs I would greatly appreciate it. It's "...And We Lose Ourselves" in my sig. Thanks a lot bro.
sorry but there's an eclipse(malmsteen) rip off
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the riff around 20-30 and the guitar-keyboard unison, the first verse keyboard,
in the presence of enemies 1

around 150 is the great debate

163 presence of enemies 1 again


maybe by accident but those parts certainly do sounds alike
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

i liked it, but it really just sound like a Dream Theater song.

good though.
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Thanks guys for all your critiques. It may have seemed impossible to play because I never adjusted the fingerings (purely out of laziness but the song was long) but it's not too hard to play. The DT ripoffs were not intentional but I do realize they're there, although I do disagree about the so- called "Great Debate" ripoff riff. That was definitely original. And I have never even heard the song Eclipse by Malmsteen so that couldn't have been possible.