I want to get my strat painted like the monterey pop strat and i am wondering where i can get that done? i live in green bay wisconsin and i am willing to take it any where in northern wisconsin and the southern U.P.
A Car/body shop might do it, cant imagine it would be cheap though...

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i mean i would like to do it myself but i'm just not confident enough in myself to do it. the guitar just cost too much and i don't want to **** it up. can any of you give me some help in doing this? like painting the fade from red to white?
You can't **** up a guitar by messing up the paint. You just sand and try again. Plus, you won't have to freehand it. Print a picture of the Monterey in full scale, get some carbon paper to put under it, and go to town.
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Any airbrush place will do it for you. If you can't find an airbrush place, where else would you look for artists that like Jimi Hendrix? You guessed it! Tattoo shops!

Also, if you live in Green Bay, I'm sure there's plenty of body shops near you. Like everywhere in the rust belt, I guess. It's not a bad idea to ask someone like that about clearcoat once you've got the design on there.

In my experience, those guys like to see interesting projects come through the shop and if they spray your guitar at the same time they've already got the gun out and full of clearcoat for a car, it's not going to take them much time.
Setup and cleanup takes so much more time than actually painting, and if they're gonna do it anyway, why not spray a guitar?

Good luck dude!
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i mean i would like to do it myself but i'm just not confident enough in myself to do it.

There's only one way you will get confident...

I messed my first paint job up, so what? I sanded it back down and started again. You really can't damage your guitar from a bad paintjob/sanding it down again.