Hello everyone!!!

2 days ago I got a brand new Ibanez RG370DX. It was an internet purchase and it came with a nice (in my humble opinion) setup. This is my first electric guitar though and of course my first contact with a floating tremolo (the guitar has an Edge III tremolo).

After a couple of hours playing I felt it a little out of tune so (stupid me ) i started to tweak with the main (at the top of the neck) tuning pegs __withouth releasing the locking nuts__. I cannot recall it exactly, but I would say that overall I fastened the pegs (not the tuning, now i know) quite a big measure (no broken strings anyway).

The day after I was still unsatisfied with the tuning so i performed string stretching but without good results. At that time, after some internet reading I discovered all that one must know about the tuning of a floating tremolo. So I decided to proceed with a proper (floating tremolo) tuning and i released the locking nuts. This decision was a total disaster because now, at the point where the guitar is in tune, the bridge is so out of balance (noticeably low into the guitar's body) that I would not only say that the strings have fret buzzing but that the guitar is quite unplayable: 1st string at 1st/2nd frets does not even ring, just buzzes; all other strings have buzzing at the first frets. However the action at middle neck is not low, i would even say that it's a bit higher than before.

Now that i learnt the inner workings of a floating tremolo I realise the mistake i made, but I am not really sure why I am unable to bring the guitar to the original setup and bridge balance.

Maybe this happened because I overstreched the string segments between the nut and the pegs when I tried to tune with the locking nuts fastened and now they offer less tension for the same tunning? (If so, a full string replacement could solve the situation, right?)

I know that I could try to compensate the bridge tension by acting on the springs at the back, but I don't really want to fiddle with the guitar any more without expert advice.

I will be really grateful with any tips you can provide.
Many thanks!!!
Go to a guitar tech and he should level the bridge once more.
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try new strings of the same size it had on when it was good,

if the new strings dont work then youll have to take off the backplate and and either tighten or loosen the screws attached to where the springs are,this should either cause the bridge or tremolo to rise or go lower
there should be 2 screws and you will want to turn them the same number of times,if u dont your trem will be unbalanced
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The only thing you would have damaged by not releasing the locking HW is your tuners! (Hopefully still OK!) The balance on your floating tremolo can be restored by either:
a) installing a stop block in the cavity to fix the tremolo in position first - (install opposite side of springs), then tue your guitar to pitch. Then you adjust the spring tension until the block isn't being clamped by the string pressure. Remove the block and it's now just a little back and forth between tuning to pitch and adjusting springs till it's rebalanced.
or a harder more time consuming method.....
B) tune the guitar to under pitch and adjust the springs till the bridge is almost level. Recheck tuning and note where the bridge position ends up. If it's tilted back away from the PU's -loosen springs a bit and retune or if pitched forward tighten springs a bit and retune. This method will work but you need to keep in mind it's a balancing act between string/spring tension and you need to make small adjustments to get there.

You should learn to do this as you don't want to pay a tech every time you change strings!
This is one reason why I don't think new players should even get tremolo guitars.
Moving on.....
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take the back plate off and loosen the screws in back until the bridge is even with the body.
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