I said everything i needed too on the comment and rate. Not bad for 6 days but dont get ahead of yourself. another question, how could you be a member of Ug since 2005 and been playing 6 days?

check out the vid in my sig for 2 years of playing
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I lol'd at the backing track...but anyway not bad for 6 days, at least you're starting to get a feel for the blues scale. Once you memorize it you'll be able to play most classic rock and blues music.

I have some mp3s in my profile, check those out if you like.

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cool, you didn't do all the guitaring right? like you were just the chord?

that was cool sounding~
The rythm guitar wasn't me, though i could probably play that.
Your guitar was not in tune with the backing track. Being in tune with the other intruments that you're playing with is very important to having a clear voice, so first tune up one string so you know it's in tune with the band, then tune the rest of the guitar to that good string.

I would also recommend using less bass in your lead tone, it was a bit muddy.

But criticisms aside, you did have a pretty good sense of rhythm, which a lot of guitar players do not, and it is good that even at this early stage you are trying to improvise. Keep at it, lock those scales down, and start practicing bending and vibrato, as they are key techniques in rock and blues guitar.
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