I have this buzz sound that seems to be coming from around my bridge, or maybe around the bridge pickup...i raised/lowered the bridge to see if it helped and got nothing...it does it no matter what fret i'm fingering. it does it mostly on the low E and A strings...any ideas?

I'm a total beginner w/ electrics...had this guitar about a month now--an epiphone SG. thanks!!!
What sort of bridge is it? String through? Licesend Floyd Rose?

Edit: Missed it was a Epi SG, so I'm assumming it's tune-o-matic. Try placing a peice of paper inbetween the string and the saddle, to see if there is a buzz there. If you still get a buzz, you have that elimanated. If you adjust the action so that the string can't hit the pickup, and it's still buzzing that is elimanated. If the string was hitting a fret, then higher action should have made it go away if that was the problem. So I also might just try strumming lightly at a fair action and see if you get the buzz.

If you raise the action high, and put paper inbetween the saddle and the string, and it still buzzes. Then I'm clueless as to what is wrong ._.
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Okay it might be that the neck is a little bent. If it is try this. I don't want you to screw up your guitar doing this so have a professional do it for you. Have the guitar techician guy raise the bridge slightly. Then have him straighten out the truss rod in the neck. Then tune your guitar and your ready to go. If the buzzing persists it just might be your guitar.