So in addition to the footboard controller for my Line 6 AX2, I also am running a variety of other pedals (chorus, OD, phaser, MXR EQ, BBE Sonic Stomp, and Whammy). Is there a specific order I should put these in to maximize tone quality?
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Well, distortions, overdrives, and wah should go at the front of the chain.
I forget about the rest though.
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just the order that sounds best. it's mostly preference, but here's the logic I use when ordering pedals.

I like my volume and wah pedals first. volume first to mute stuff before it starts humming in my other pedals. wah second, because it affects the frequency of the guitar signal more than other pedals.

if i used pedals for my distortion, they would be placed after the wah.

then it's modulation effects, like flange, chorus and phaser.

then i put my delay pedals last, so that my entire tone with effects is what gets repeated, rather than only some of the effects.

this isn't necessarily the best way to do it, but it's not wrong. nothing really is when it comes to setting up pedals, since it's all about what you think sounds best for your style.
the whammy is very variable where people like to put it. OD should go first, in the fx loop id say EQ->chorus->phaser->sonic stomp

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