How much would I get for an epiphone g-310 sg that is in very good condition at guitar center or musiciansfriend.com? would it be worth it??
not much just lettin u no

Lets just say i wanted to trade in my ESP LTD M-1000, the guy would give me 300 bucks
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Sell it on craigslist, you'll get more.
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The way a guy at my local GC explained it to me was that they look online (ebay, guitar sites, classifieds etc...) and determine the used value of your item. They then give you half of whatever number they come up with. He told me that was pretty much set in stone & it diddnt matter if you were seeking trade value or cash. I find it hard to believe they wouldnt budge if you're buying something else there but thats what he told me. Good luck.

I see someone else suggested Craigslist - That has become a really good way to go for music gear.
Sell it instead, it'll get you more than with a trade-in. Stores just want money, and will make a profit off of it.
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