Is there a simple keylogger I can use to get past a web-page blocker at school?

This would work, right?

Just install a keylogger, record what the password is when i ask permission to see a blocked site, and then use the newly-discovered password to uninstall the program?

Does anyone know of a good free keylogger?
That is a really really bad idea. I would suggest just using a web translator, or other various ways to get around it.
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Lol thats not even what key loggers do....Your asking the wrong question. You mean a proxy. Plus its illegal and grounds for expulsion....
That would be a good idea except for the part where you get expelled from your school and charged.
better idea: don't watch porn at school.
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EDIT: ****, they took the page down... It was bassically a site that you typed in the webpage you wanted to go to, and it bypassed the proxy to bring you to it
Im sure this has been asked billions of times.

Just find proxys.
They are probably already blocked though.
You could try using a proxy, but my school had all the proxy's blocked too.

Or you could do your work...whatever...
Download and run ultra surf 9.3 (if you can run .exes)

It lets you onto anything, it does seem to cause memory errors a lot when on bebo

Apart from that you can do whatever you want.

Or just try loads of different proxies
if your school monitors all downloads and pretty much everything else that you can can kiss your ass good bye...aaaaaaaaaand the ability to uninstall programs on a network of pcs is only able to be done on an admin pc
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Kinda funny... my school's network doesn't have any sites blocked except for proxy sites.
proxy's work only about half the time... i tried to watch youtube once, and it wouldn't allow the flash player to play the video or something

this is basically guaranteed to work
Yes proxies will work but DON'T install a key-logger. These are Trojan Horse viruses. If you think they will get you around the blocks you are sadly mistaken...Key loggers keep a record of what users have done to for example steal a password or personal information. So i recommend (if you are going to do this) to stick to proxies...
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alright i found a good one, in case anyone else wants to try it:

it's not really that illegal, is it? i mean, i wouldn't be looking at porn, i'd use it if i wanted to use youtube or something, right?

yes your bypassing a security system

and also just because your not using it to do anything "bad" (even though downloading a keylogger to acquire a private password is pretty bad) doesnt mean no one else will use it for something worse like uploading viruses
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There's actually a version of Firefox that can be installed to a flash drive and be used from it on a PC.

That might work. I haven't tested it but I don't have any reason to bypass the school's network blocks.

If I need to get onto something that's blocked I just go to the Networking classroom; it's on a separate line and has no blocks whatsoever.
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