I post tons of these but only because my taste and knowledge of guitars is advancing each day. BUT i think i finally have my mind set. My guitar teacher recommended the Charvel San Dimas/So Cal guitar. Me being 14 dont have 1000 on hand so is there a guitar with an ORIGINAL floyd rose and is a charvel like guitar? if not ill just save up.
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get a schecter.
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A guitar with an OFR for under $1000? Look for used on Craigslist or Ebay, won't find one new and if you do it won't have a German made OFR but the Asian made variety, same thing...almost, still a decent trem though from what I hear. Its actually labeled as Floyd Rose Special if you buy it on its own and you can get them for about $80. By the way, the $1000 Charvels have the FR Special and as well as the Schecters I'm sure.

You best bet, look into 80's Charvels, Kramers, Jacksons and so on. Just do your research and know what you're buying to not get scammed.
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