When we quit our jobs as city planners periodically reconstructing
highway overpasses to paint a bluer shade of collar on a darker shade of white to waterproof tents, gloves, boots, sleeping bags for a rapture walk through Raptor Park during a record breaking windstorm we fuck around the tops of trees - Crutching on our knees to let the wind tussle our hair in funny ways and carry curse words in the breeze,
When we're bone dry and cracking at least Hell is a place to put our shit.
When we're too well-read and waxing smarts we'll never learn to
self-doctor our own slits in skin.
We used to have a soul kicking around those guts, so we turn and burn and ache and yern to exorcise this Winter shit so maybe you'll donate money.
Maybe you could found the Albino Children With Slightly Longer Ring Fingers orginization to say you threw a tenth of heart some way.
Maybe you will make a vow to get right with God and find yourself in a Pentacostal
Church, black hands upon your forhead, booming voices scaring evil out of your body along with your 32 year case of hiccups.
When I quit my job I'll ask for what's left in your pack of cigarettes as severance pay.
Your half-eaten office desk as a fort for my cat to play in.
That oscilating fan to anticipate when someone else's metallic face drops in for a visit.

We're still banning/burning books in this country,
We're still fucking around at 45 degrees, windchill and slightly sunny.
If I felt safer around the suits, the ties, the scary skies and disgruntled coffee line sighs then I wouldn't give a fake name at restaurants and pay
with Fitzgerald era money.
Poor advice.
you mean you're

seems very interesting, though i think i don't know enough sht to fully appreciate all your references.

well, i liked the run-on-ish phrasing
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Jesus Christ since when is the Pit a ****ing courtroom...

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I did not enjoy this one that much. It seemed a bit disjointed, or rather, too disjointed, and lacked something to glue it all together as a whole. Of course, this is all on two quick reads, so perhaps I'm the one missing something. I didn't like line number 2 because it reminded me far too much of a Stephen Malkmus line (Shady Lane).
^i too seemed to find it a bit too disjointed. Despite this, the writing was of a very high level, i just didn't enjoy this as much as normal.
I liked a lot of the assonance etc
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