So I went into GuitarCenter the other day and I saw the Bc Rich Mockingbird, Beast, Wmd Beast, Epiphone Les Paul Custom, and Ibanez S series. These were the guitars that caught my eye the most. Now I LOVE ROCK. All kinds of it. Classics, Power ballads, Metal, Death metal, alternative. You name it. I played them all except the regular Beast and I loved them all...heres the thing. Since I feel like a guitar W***e, I need you all to tell me for the kinds of music I listed, whats the best? I don't care for price but please dont list anything other than the ones I gave as option. Please and thanks =)
the les paul custom or the ibanez are probably the most versatile. the les paul will be really effing heavy but have a much creamier and think tone than the ibanez
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I say the Ibanez.
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So is it true Bc Rich is ****? the Sob Wmd looks so hot =( oh well. and still keep more suggestions coming
I'm planning on buying a guitar in the next day or two and have my eyes set on the Ibanez S320. Most of everyone I've talked to about BC Rich have nothing good to stay about em but it all comes down to what feels good in your hands.
only the cheapass B.C. Riches are ****. ive got a $500-600 one and its a dream to play. OFR(speedloader), bolt-on, 24frets, SUPER high build quality.
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