Very good cover, even better than the Nsync version, but bad music taste.

Sorry, but someone was going to and has to say it.
Any spelling or grammatical errors written above are because of my inferior brain to yours. Good job, you won life.
thanks a lot scott elwood, but thats pretty lame that you guys are judging it based on it being an nsync song, it was a completely respectable reimagination of a well-written song, had it been an original it would just be a regular ol acoustic song, plus its obvious that im not just some kid who ignorantly likes the song just because it was on the radio, i think its a well written song with a very strong hook

plus this cover has nothing in common with the overproduced and corny nsync studio version, its just the lyrics and melody and chords of the song, which in and of itself is great

radio hits just dont appear out of nowhere, they are crafted by very talented producers and songwriters that get overshadowed by the recording artists, so really, this is a cover of the songwriter's material, not even really nsync
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I think you did a very good job. I could care less if it's an Nsync song. I love when people do covers of songs like that. It shows solid musicianship if you can take a song like that that's not done acoustic and make it acoustic. I think you sang it beautifully and played it quite well. Very nice interpretation of the song.

Screw anyone who knocks it just because it's a 90's pop song. I say do more songs from the 90's pop era.