Im just wondering how on earth does Santana give all of his songs that sound....what kind of technique and footpedal?
Read the december (could be wrong ) issue of guitar player magazine, best interview Ive ever read. Its all about the SOUL!!!! He also makes wonderful use of his guitars volume (maybe a vol pedal, i dunno) and different pickup selection to get his point across. Browse youtube, i saw a lesson by him on there where he talks about what I just said a little more in depth.
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Mesa Mark 1, or a dumble. Cheaper substitutes would be an F or DC mesa, used Mark II/III, they can all do a nice santana lead tone. Quite a bit of gain, but the amp is cranked as well, lots of mids, treble and bass to taste.

Used the neck pup on your guitar with the tone rolled down fairly far.

That will get you close.
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