i just ordered a peavey windsor to take the place of my spider. Since the windsor doesnt have reverb, i need a pedal. What are some good reverb pedals that arent very expensive(under 100 dollars)? i know theres the boss and eh ones, but those are a more expensive option.
The DigiTech DigiVerb Digital Reverb Pedal (say that ten tiems fast) is only $100. I haven't heard it but I would trust Digitech.
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Line 6 verbzilla ........... never tried them but alot of people seems to like them.
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Try to avoid digitech and boss if you can.
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if u can find it you should look for a used BOSS RV-3 reverb/delay pedal because it is discontinued...i found a used one at gc for $90 and i think its awsome..just a recommendation though....
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