This guitar, the Ibanez Steve Vai Jem Jr. 555. Is it any good? I play alot of heavy metal and shredding type stuff. I've been playing on an Epiphone LP standard (which I know has a fatter neck and is a different style guitar all together), but its pickups blow. I kinda wanted a guit with a tremolo and locking nut ect. Are the pickups on this guitar any good? Overall, what do you guys think?
It's good but the trem is not good... get a Gotoh FR for it (another $100 or so) and you're set.
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Eh. It's pretty much another RG with a crappy edge 3 trem and setve vai's name slapped on it to justify the price. If you're gonna get a JEM, imo, it's only worth it if you can afford the real one.

How much does it cost?
That one was only about 600 bucks. But thats a good point.. Steve Vai is a great guitarist but i dont really listen to him or play his stuff so itd be kinda tacky if i walked around with his sig. guitar. I really just love the aesthetics of it and it looks like it plays nice. If i had it my way id scratch his name out and spice it up alittle.
Well imo that's the worst JEM to buy. $600, then replacing the bridge would probably end up being just under $200 if you installed it yourself. Not to mention the 24th fret has an inlay that says "STEVE VAI" which is almost as bad as the synyster sig "SYN" inlays imo.

Once you get to that point you've got a $600 guitar with about $200 into it, at which point you could have easily gotten a real, prestige ibanez or a used, good ibanez with a decent bridge for 1/2 that (i got my RG7620 used for $380 and it has a lo-pro 7 bridge)